I’ll Get You My Pretties

Another slow week for lemmings.   Also, my pet cat Rigby decided he wanted to help out with my blog pictures, so I had to get a picture of him too.

I recently found a new blog Babes in Hairland where several posts contain the use of a product called curlformers.  These seem to give great curls, and are tempting me to part with my money.

One of the employees at Makeup Geek Tv, on youtube, did a tutorial on rosebud print nails.  Mentioned in the film were the Migi nail art pens which I am strongly considering so I can try this nail look.


2 Comments to “I’ll Get You My Pretties”

  1. your cat is the prettiest – even though he’s a male… my
    son are putty over him!!!

  2. Thank You! just what he needs more of an ego! He knows he is cute and uses it to get food and stuff from me