Mac Blushcreme Pearl in Sweet William

I am starting to think that I need a more neutral background for taking my pictures on.  While I do enjoy the red for pictures of bottles and other things where the color is not super important, my pink blushes and other products seem much duller compared to the bright red fabric.  While from the picture in pan it would appear that this is a very dull color, it is in reality much closer to the color in the swatch (see bellow).

I honestly do not remember when or why I purchased this product, I have had it that long.  Granted my memory is less than great.  I believe this product is discontinued.  I did peruse the mac website quickly and was unable to find it.  Since I have never even been to a mac pro store I am fairly certain it is not simply a pro only product.  That being said this product could potentially be obtained via swaping or on ebay (though be careful of fakes).

I would give this product a 4/10


This product is SUPER pigmented.  I have used this product a great deal (aka more times than I can count) and have barely even made a dent since such a small amount is sufficient to give you color, especially for those with fair skin like me.  Another major selling point for these is their lack of scent.  I have gotten rid of other creme blushes for having a scent that was intolerable, even if only noticeable in the container.  I spent a good 4 minutes trying to discern a scent.  The closest I could compare it to would be what crayons smell like.  Assuming you stuck those crayons up your nose since they don’t really have much of a scent either.


The negative aspects of this product far out weigh the good in my mind.  For a product with pearl in the name it is decidedly un-glittery and significantly more glittery.  In fact, this product is such a huge glitter monster that I typically have to set it with a matte blush to help tone down the glitter.

That leads me on to my next point.  The texture of this product is extremely sticky.  No amount of rubbing and blending seems to eliminate that sticky feel.  Even setting it with that matte blush I talked about before does not get rid of the sticky texture.  This for me is a huge negative, I do not need my face sticking to things.

Who I would recommend this to:

  • Those interested in a strongly pigmented blush in vibrant colors.
  • individuals who do not mind a good amount of glitter in their blush

This product was purchased with my own money for my own personal use.