Completion Critique: Curly Sexy Hair Curling Creme

I have used just about the entirety of my bottle of curling creme by curly sexy hair over the past month and a half.  So a bit about my hair, it is fine, thin and wavy.  I wear it wavy/curly just about every day.  This product was picked up in an effort to find a cheaper alternative to the KMS curling balm I had been using previously.

I was originally skeptical about purchasing this product since I had heard that the ‘Big Sexy Hair’ line of products tended to leave hair that was on the finer side greasy looking.  However, this product was recommended to me by the sales associate at the Trade Secrets where this was purchased.

I would give this product a 5/10


The smell of this product is one of the first things I noticed about it.  The slightly fruity sent with a slight hint of grass smell reminded me of Garnier hair products (a smell I have always been a huge fan of). However once in the hair the scent fades quickly and does not compete with any other fragranced products you may have.

The consistency of the product allows for it to be easily spread throughout the hair, and does not leave the crunchy or sticky residue as many products do.  Cons:

Even with my fine, shoulder length hair I needed to use a large amount of product to see results in the wave pattern of my hair.  This resulted in me using up the product much more quickly than a comparative product of the same size.  While the product did give me “beach waves” it did nothing to cut the frizz that can occur from humidity.

My two final points of contention with the product are that it can leave a build up on the scalp, and for someone who may choose not to shampoo their hair daily this can become a problem.  Additionally, unless the product was applied while my hair was completely sopping wet I found that the promised results were not apparent.

Who I Would Recommend This Too:

  • Those with natural soft waves
  • Individuals who are looking for a quick product to add a bit of polish to the “beach waves” look

This product was purchased with my own money for personal use.