Completion Critique: MAC Jest eyeshadow

I have had this review somewhat in the works for several months.  The photos were taken about two months ago, and while since than significantly more pan is showing on the makeup I still likely have a month left before I truly use it up.

Let me start by saying I normally do not like MAC cosmetics.  I tend to avoid them for the most part, since i get fed up with their constant ‘limited edition’ products.  However, there are a few items that I think are winner but find are under appreciated on the cosmetic boards I visit. However:

I would give this product a 8/10


I can not rave enough about the soft texture and subtle color of this product.  Jest tends to make its way into every makeup look i do.  It has even become what I consider my holly grail lid color (and is one of the few mac products I intend to repurchase).  There is a slight pink shimmer to the product, that is significantly more subtle than in the pan.  However, some individuals have reported the color leaning peach on their eyelids.


The fall out! while I do not get much fall out on my face, I find that even lightly tapping my brush on the surface of this product creates a great deal of ‘cosmetic dust’ with in my palette.  This is likely a side effect do to the soft texture.  Additionally this product may not be the most cooperative for those with more pigmented skin, or those who prefer cooler shadows.

Who I Would Recommend This To:

  • Those with medium to light skin tones, who prefer light colors.
  • Anyone who is a fan of peach or pink colors.

This product was purchased with my own money for personal use.