Reduce Clutter; The Game Plan

I have previously spoken about the 100 thing challenge, which may be a bit more extreme than I am capable.  It simply is an attempt to reduce the total number of items one owns to bellow 100.  I also had looked into the idea of the 500 things challenge, which while more forgiving may still be a bit out of reach.  Getting rid of 500 items would require me to toss more than half of the stuff I own.  Instead I have decided to get rid of 30 items every month (regardless of the length of that specific month).  This will result in ridding myself of 360 pieces of clutter by the end of the year.

I think this may end up being the most difficult resolution for me to stick to.  I, as with many americans, love my stuff.  However, after taking a class on conservation I have been making a conscious effort to not purchase items I have no real need for.  I have finally decided to take this to its logical conclusion of getting rid of items previously purchased, and never used.  I will keep you updated as the year goes on as to my progress on this goal.


One Comment to “Reduce Clutter; The Game Plan”

  1. o, i like! this seems like a hard but doable challenge. i might be joining you on this, its a much more manageable approach to the whole minimalism thing. plus, i think the idea of numbers is really negligible, it varies so much by how you count and such. its the idea that’s important. good luck!