January 2011: Completion Critique

After several months of use I have finally used up the entirety of my Murad Essential-C Eye Cream SPF 15.  I had originally purchased this as it claimed to not only protect that delicate under eye skin from the sun, but also help to improve the hydration of the under eye area.  This was especially important to me since i had read (aka googled) that improved hydration could potentially reduce dark under eye circles which i am prone to.

I would give this product a 4/10.


This product did an excellent job on improving the hydration of my skin.  While that skin has always been exceptionally soft this did improve the amount of moisture received, which in turn did make the area slightly smoother (granted i am only 22 so the area was not all that rough to begin with).


This product is unbelievably thick.  As in thicker than even straight up sunscreen.   This means any benefit that little bit of extra moisture may have will not be of any benefit because you will be tugging on your skin trying to get this to sink in.  Even if you do manage to get this product evenly spread on the under eye area it does still have its problems.  when this product is applied it takes a significant amount of time to sink in (like more than 20 minutes) as a result while using this product I had to switch my morning routine around in order to give the product a longer time to be absorbed before makeup application.

Those were not even the least of my worries with this product.  I could not get this product within half an inch of my eye unless i wanted to spend the day with bright red, water eyes.  While I suppose I could have stocked up on clear eyes i found it easier to just not get close to the under eye area.  This results in the area you are trying to get the product on being neglected entirely.  The sunscreen in this, while a great idea is not designed to be near the eyes and can be extremely irritating.

Who I Would recommend this too:

  • masochist.

I would recommend skipping this product.  For the price the product just does not work.  While I did not get a sunburn under my eyes, I did suffer equal, if not more, pain from using this product.

This product was purchased with my own money for my personal use