New (to me) Camera

This past christmas my brother upgraded his camera from his (formerly my dad’s) Sony a100 DSLR, to a Nikon that was previously my uncles.  My brother was in need of a more powerful camera, since he does a good deal of stop motion animation, and the Sony camera did not work with the software he has to use.

Since my brother no longer needed this camera, my dad gave me the option of taking it.  While it is several years old it is still in excellent condition.  I already have a Cannon power shot (an excellent point and shoot for those interested in knowing), however I have been wanting to take the foray into “SLR” cameras.  This gives me the option of doing so at minimal cost.

While I have not figured out the camera functionality entirely yet, very soon there will be higher quality photos taken with my new (to me) camera.

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