2011 Resolutions

Having a list of my new year resolutions for 2011 will hopefully be a way for me to be held accountable for my resolutions.  I truly have no idea how I will do on my resolutions.  This is the first year I have ever even made the commitment of deciding on a resolution.  I am hoping that by planning ahead with an easy to follow plan (full of safe guards to prevent failure) will help me follow through.

  • Go Homemade – This started as only giving home-made gifts.  However I have decided to expand it to include a few more areas of my life.  My goal for areas such as  office needs, clothing/fashion and of course presents will be to go home-made as much as possible.  Since my craft skills are limited, in areas where I do not have the knowledge to complete said craft i will instead attempt to purchase hand-made items.
  • Continue to Reduce Spending – In 2010 i was extremely successful in sticking to a budget and limiting the amount of unnecessary items entering my house hold.  I am hoping to continue that trend and reduce my spending even more.  This will have the added benefit of increasing my savings account.
  • Reduce Clutter – I have been extremely interested in the minimalist life style.  While I may not be up to trying the 100 thing challenge quite yet I would like to get started by removing clutter and unused items from my apartment.  I am sure my mother would like this goal also, since it would clear out a good deal of my clutter that is still in her house.
  • Learn to Relax and Follow Through – while I do not want to go into detail to deeply on this resolutions,  I am hoping to make some personal improvements regarding anxiety and forgiveness.

I suppose the over all theme of my resolutions would be reduced.  Not only reduce my consumption and spending, but also reduce the total number of commitments (i do have a bad habit of not following through).  This will require me to learn to say no.  I am looking forward to the journey that the next year promises to hold.


2 Responses to “2011 Resolutions”

  1. Great resolutions. I haven’t made any yet, better think of some quickly!